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"I worked with the Rock Your Life team for about 2 years.
During this period I saw my business grow from three to ten staff and revenue increase three-fold. I am well positioned to maximise my business and clients thanks to the insights I received from Rock Your Life."
Cornelis Boertjens
CEO Catchi
"I joined Mike Handcock & Landi Jac for 4 days in Tuscany.
They revolutionised what I do, the way I go about it and that alone added more to my bottom line, not to mention my reputation and global imprint than anything I had done before."
Elias Kanaris - President Global Speakers Federation
"Rock Your Life have helped us with simplifying strategy and given us techniques that have enabled us to move fast and grow, support during our tough times and empowered our staff and stakeholders."

Anne Tham: Her World Woman of the Year 2016
Simply Connect with SA based Director Landi Jac
at LinkedIn. We are currently assessing opportunities and partnerships in Southern Africa.
Rock Your Life began in May 2006.
Since then we have run almost 2,000 events in 48 countries globally and worked with nearly 300,000 entrepreneurs. Our directors are multi award winning speakers, consultants, authors and entrepreneurs.
In 2019 Rock Your Life was integrated into the Circle of Excellence Group of Companies

The Circle of Excellence Group includes the companies:
Worldwide Business Intelligence | Global Experts Institute | 6 Continent Events | Ring of Steel Investments

Chairman Circle of Excellence

Mike Handcock is Chairman and Founder of Circle of Excellence, a conglomerate of 5 international companies that has now touched the lives of over 300 000 entrepreneurs worldwide. In 2018, Mike has chaired the Global Speakers Summit in New Zealand, where over 70 international speakers were brought together on the ‘Leader to Legacy’ stage. Mike is a multi-award winning speaker, with most recent awards being New Zealand Speaker of the Year, New Zealand Educator of the Year and now a Life Member of NSANZ. 

Well-travelled to 108 countries, Mike is also a musician, music producer and award-winning author in his own right. His unique set of skills include Business Strategist, Conscious Leader Advocate, Philanthropist, Rock Musician, Sacred Wisdom Expert, and now Publisher of LEAD Magazine. Mike has been mentioned by President Clinton for his philanthropic efforts in India, and now sits on the Board of the Sage and Global Dialogue Foundations. 

Mike holds the prestigious Global Speaking Fellow designation, is a Certified Senior Consultant through International Institute of Professional Consultants and lives between South African and New Zealand. 

South African CEO Rock Your Life

Landi Jac is the Global Director of Rock Your Life, and Worldwide Business Intelligence. She holds a Masters Degree in Industrial Psychology with Cum Laude, and consults with numerous business leaders and entrepreneurs worldwide. 

As Editor in Chief for LEAD Magazine, Landi shares the success stories of her extensive international audience as to inspire entrepreneurs worldwide to reach their next-level business potential. Landi focusses her unique business intelligence across the globe and has consulted to the likes of Presidents of the Global Speakers Federation, Award-Winning Inventors, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Gold-Medalists, Sport Celebrities, Award-Winning Speakers, Best-Selling Authors, Award-Winning Gamers and Educational Moguls. 

Landi loves growing leaders from exotic places such as the annual Business School in Bali, as well as prestigious Platinum Masterminds held in castles, resorts and cruises. She is a Certified Senior Consultant through the International Institute of Professional Consultants. 
We have hundreds of them. Here are a few people we are immensely proud of

Anne Tham (Mal)

Anne started a school around her dining table with 6 students. With a core philosophy of teaching kids 'right' Anne morphed that school into Asia's first Entrepreneur School. In doing so her children and staff came across Gaming as an educational tool. Their chemistry game - Chem Caper - is now multi award winning, Anne herself winning an Ernst & Young Award and being named Her World Woman of the Year in Malaysia. She is currently building schools in Hong Kong and Indonesia and the key to her success is mindset and productisation.

Elias Kanaris (NZ)

A speaker with a dream of being a global leader Elias is the 2018/19 Global President of the Global Speakers Federation with influence over 55,000 of the worlds thought leaders. His personal speaking business is flourishing from NICHE branding, productisation and clear positioning as a leader in the world of leadership.

Cornelius Boertjens (NZ)

Having spent several years building his SEO consultancy business and trying a range of techniques he had read, studied and paid for, Cornelius took on board the Rock Your Life Circle of Excellence. In 3 years he tripled his income, got global, built team and was able to position his business for a subsequent acquisition.

Rong Chan (Sing)

Rong was a mover & shaker who works diligently with clients who owned massive shopping centres in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Working with Rock Your Life, Rong learnt to sell, how to price projects differently and how to get to the right people who made the real decisions in organisations. The result is a marked improvement in turnover and fulfilment.

Cany Bugler (SA)

Cany owned a lodge that did reasonably well just outside of Cape Town. A specialist in events her issues were pitching, team and getting large well paying clients. Within 12 months of engaging the Rock Your Life team, Cany was able to massively improve bottom line and revenue plus get the clients she really wanted and be able to say no to those she did not. She has since become an ambassador for the work of Rock Your Life globally.

Richard Hardiman (NL)

Richard was a radio DJ with a dream. Getting involved with Rock Your Life led him to bring forth his idea in the world. Ultimately that led to funding and now he is based in Rotterdam with his revolutionary Green Tech business Ran Marine which cleans up harbours in Europe of rubbish. 

Paul Ter Wal (NL)

Paul Ter Wal is a the 2019/20 President of the Global Speakers Association. Her is the author of several books and is a lawyer, who specialises in talent management and is well known in Europe for his work on reduction of absence and increase of productivity in the workplace.

Paul Lyon (Aus)

The Road Manager of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers had an idea for a Green Tech business. He joined the Circle of Excellence in 2013. Since that time Paul's business has gone through round one funding, and is now on the verge of it's listing on the ASX. His green tech is based on saving energy and utilises an app he came up with whilst thinking how to improve the world.

Maya Shahani (Ind)

A real slumdog millionairess, Maya has received numerous international awards for her social contribution. She is chairwoman of the Sage Foundation, The Centre for Management and Vice Chair of the Global Dialogue Foundation. Maya is also part of the Clinton Global Initiative.
Our Director Landi Jac is the Editor in Chief of LEAD Magazine. You can grab your copy of the magazine by clicking below.LEAD MAGAZINE
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