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Having been to a number of seminars in the past I have a few comparisons to compare this one with and this absolutely outshone them all. It was relaxed and allowed you to grow without you feeling threatened. The organization was GREAT and the participants were a absolutely engaged and before you knew it you were stretching yourself like a rubberband. If your intent is to find answers to your life’s purpose you will meet people who will give you answers. They will be sitting next to you. Believe it and it will happen. Highly recommended that you go to this seminar. WHY? because you are worth it and the organization that runs them truly want you to be best you can be ‘
Robina Georgiev

“Rock your Life” opened my eyes to possibilities of living my life in the flow getting in the zone and staying there so my dreams become reality easily and without resistance. You “rock” Mike Handcock.

Aron Neale

This was the first time I had seen Mike in action in Rock Your Life. Everything I got from today has been useful and it has truly motivated me to step forward in my life. I think everybody should do this course, it was so much fun!
Brooke Jackson

I travelled from a different country to have my life rocked. I would do it again in a heartbeat. You Guys Rock!!

Damian Milo

This course has rocked me off my foundations, which is a great help.
Arne Diependarle

This is nothing like I expected, it was very different and I had so much fun.
Dasha Kovalenko

Being a part of the dynamic of a change in energy for our future. Photon Belt wow!
Joseph Taren

Great info and experiences! Look forward to working with you again. This will move me for sure.
Laurel Stevenson

Thank you for creating the space to reveal ourselves to ourselves. I had a feeling I should be here and I’m so glad I listened to my intuition. I’m still experiencing the buzz – it’s beyond words!
Sheri Suckling

Really useful insights and tips all set in a fun, lively day. Thank you for your energy.
Monica Lewis

Awesome event, experience, delivery – everything! Well done to you all.
Lots of love and light.
Jo Hutchinson

Amazing! I’m spreading the word about Rock Your Life….everyone needs a good push out of their comfort zone!
Hannah Shanks

‘From the title I thought it was going to be fun learning and it was. I liked the idea of changing tables and meeting new people. Some of the questions in the workbook really made me stop and think. I have a way to go to build my team, but I now know what steps to take in the right order and to ask better questions.’
Gaye Andrews, Auckland

‘This course moved quickly, was full of energy. It helped me to remember who I am.’
Nancy Doughty, Auckland

‘This has been a great opportunity to meet like minded people, gain new tools to start my business life on the right foot and to create a life that ROCKS! Thank you for a fun day.’
Elaine Gentles, Auckland

‘This is very real, very tangible. You really do make life a game. Thank you for the energy and inspiration, your gift is invaluable.’
Christine Michalski, Auckland

‘A hugh day of fun, learning, stepping up and just ‘doing it’.
Brenda Kirk – Author, Palmerston North

”Rock Your Life’ provided a number of tools for dealing with person and business challenges and self fulfillment.’
Tony Keegan

‘It rocked my life into action to make our trip happen without a chance of failure.’
Richard Berghuis

‘The course was a great facilitator for motivation and the networking achieved was fantastic.’
Tim Munro

‘Very enjoyable and well organized, the sort of motivational and reading information I need. Good to be with people who are in a very wide range of nevertheless similar circumstances.’
Michael Nootebos

‘The energy of the presenter, the music of the Band was an awesome experience as icing on the ‘content’ cake. Thank you.’
Vanya Birch

‘I came unsure, feeling small and doubtful. I left complete, with 100% knowing my vision will materialise and my business will evolve. My life has just gone up 100 notches’
Paul Kirk – Author, Palmerston North

‘ It was amazing to listen to you when you were here in Mumbai(Bombay). Now we enjoy your Books and CD. The unique bland of Music, Spirituality, Management & Business is a rare to find. Have a Great Exciting Life ahead. Give us more opportunities to listen to you.’
Yogesh Udgive – Entrepreneur, Mumbai

‘The content was great and the skills of Mike as a presenter excellent and respectful. The participants will access their ‘treasure’ if they are willing to play and participate on the journey to discovering their key’
Gill Dal Din – Owner Mr Rentals, Manuwatu

‘Enjoyed Mike’s energy and the group synergy created’
Dorien Foster – Owner Global Business Ideas, Wellington

‘This is the best personal development course I have ever attended. It has equipped me with the skills I need to become the best I am capable of. The strategies and tools will help me to step up and take my life to the next level. The real advantage of this course is that you are still participating in it even after the day is complete. Time well invested’
Sandeep Pala – Property Investor, Auckland

‘The course helped me identify areas in which I need to develop for my personal growth. I don’t believe anyone can say they never got something great. Great style and good work’
Steve McTague – Director Kobi Exhaust, Auckland

‘Whenever you are down with the business Blues, you can Jazz up your ideas by listening to Mike & Dean’s Rockin’ presentations. Their musical Fusion of Classical concepts & Pop psychology will make your mind Dance with new ways of growing your business. I strongly recommend you Tune in to the Mike & Dean show to keep your life Humming’
Akhil Shahani – CEO The Shahani Group Mumbai

‘Mike, the magical musician, intelligent, intuitive, kind, energetic and enthusiastic, Mike is Absolutely Inspiring!’
Dave Rogers – Asia’s leading Entrepreneur Coach – Singapore

‘I first met Mr Mike Hancock in 2004 during the NAMLIFA Mega Convention which was held in Genting Highland, Malaysia. He was such a jovial person. The mere first encounter make us good friends. He is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and humorous. He brought the occidentals philosophy and jokes into our oriental world during his talks. His performing arts and heart touching motivation mesmerized the audients. No wonder he is such a sort after speaker in Australia, New Zealand and now Asia.’
Siew Fook Chan – President (2003-2005) Association of John Hancock Life Insurance Agency Managers, Malaysia’

‘Mike has an energy about him that makes the audience want to participate and be included. Mike presents in a way where he draws out examples real to the audience and being quick on his fee can relate to the audiences situation’
Jayne Muller – Coaching Solutions Ltd

‘Mike has a natural sense to human behaviour relevant to people development. His guidance through his programmes and books will be of definite worth for anyone who wishes to uplift his performance to true potential.’
Lim Yuen Seong – Publisher, Kuala Lumpur

‘Mike has the unique ability to get a sometimes diverse group of individuals working together for their mutual benefit. No one can come away from a Mike Handcock presentation without having learned a new skill. I am happy to say that we are able to add our own off-shore conference to the many conferences Mike has attended to motivate delegates in an entertaining, motivating and thought-provoking way.’
Sandy Hazzard – General Manager, Professional Investment Services, Australia

‘I have attended a number of Conferences & Conventions throughout Asia & the Pacific and listened to a variety of address given by Mike Handcock. His presentations are always topical, relevant, humorous & entertaining. Several business entities that have used him for in house seminars have advised me that they were very pleased with his professional style.’
Paul O’Brien – Vice President Asia Pacific Life Insurance Council

‘I attended Mike’s Treasure Within course in Auckland and found it excellent. The material was relevant and Mikes presenting style was informative and entertaining. I would highly recommend the course to anyone interested in finding out more about themselves and will be attending other events that Mike puts on.’
Dean Letfus – Property Investor

‘The sessions went wonderfully well – there were many positive feedback and I should record our real appreciation to you for your contribution towards the success of the 8th APLIC.’
Corinne Chew – Convention Organiser, Asia Pacific Life Insurance Council Malaysia

‘Outstanding – Held us captivated the entire weekend.’
Helen Trembath

‘Brilliant presenting Mike – loved the use of stories, humour and your presence.’
Ali Cialiate – Coach

’10 would be perfect but only Nadia Comaneci (Munich Olympics) is that. Great wit, sincerity, fun and learning’s.’
Ernest Gibbs – Manager Smart Books

‘A really good, light hearted approach to open up people to new options and encourage them to follow their passion. ‘
Hayley Buckland

‘Thanks Mike for your help in the journey to find my flame’
Phillip Booth

‘A great weekend workshop with awesome management and running. You can’t afford not to be here!’
Denis Gianoutsos – EDS

‘This has given me the energy to step out of a very comfortable place.’
Robyn Lawry – Retired

‘I came to this weekend not specifically looking for anything, but knowing there was more out there for me to find. I found more than information. I found a whole host of people who are willing to help me on the journey. I couldn’t stop now even if I wanted to’
Kim Lawry – Retired

‘When I attended Mike’s course I got clarity and validation of my unique ability. This came at the perfect time in my life. It has literally propelled me forward with velocity. Thank you Mike, you are a treasure to the participants.’
Vanessa Sunde – Singer, Songwriter

‘Mike has given me a huge insight into how I operate and interact with others. From this I have actions that I can take and put in place tomorrow that will have a disproportionate increase in my business and personal life compared to the amount of effort to put them in place. Thank you!’
Kenina Court – Accountant

‘This course made me dig inside and find numerous things which have lain dormant for years. I know with the tools I have been given and the awesome support network created that I have everything I need to achieve all my goals. All of them!’
Helen Macky – Farmer

‘This gave me the knowledge I need to start my business and the insight into my abilities (and therein the ones I need to engage in others)’
Phil Etheridge – Local Government

‘Simply great! Thought provoking concepts which allowed me to re-energise my life’
Reint Sytema – Personal Trainer

‘I have attended many courses but found this course particularly inspiring with the introduction of music as an integral part of everyday living and getting ‘in sync’ with the mood and outlook I am creating everyday.’
Allen Court – Property Investor

‘Helped me focus on my purpose and connect with the right people to make it happen’
Carol Hayes – Entrepreneur