Terms & conditions


We at Soul Journeys Travel act as journey and itinerary architects, and are only sales agents for associated companies and affiliates. Any booking(s) made directly with Soul Journeys Travel or via an associated company and/or authorized affiliate, constitutes an acceptance of all terms applied by each party and Soul Journeys Travel. If in doubt, please ask for conditions relating to a specific tour which is covered herein and in the brochure dedicated to that Tour. You should also be informed of any special terms imposed by the associated company or the authorized affiliate should you be booking with us through a third party. Bookings made constitute a full acceptance of all terms and conditions.

Services Provided

Your soul journey includes all accommodation, local travel, guided sight-seeing, workshops, meditations, site sessions, entrance fees and portage (when stated); as well as the meals stated in the itinerary brochure (first version available approximately six months prior departure date). Items excluded are: food & beverage not stated; international airfares to/from arrival and departure destinations, visa & passport fees and travel insurance. Pricing is primarily based on 4-star accommodation on a twin bed/double bed share basis. Single room accommodation is available but carries a supplement. Please ask if interested.


It is your responsibility to verify your meal choices with restaurant staff if you are a traveller with special dietary needs or requirements. Where possible, we have passed on the information provided by you to each restaurant involved, but Soul Journeys Travel does not take responsibility for content of meals and/or delivery of orders that may have been served incorrectly. It is the sole responsibility of each traveller to make sure that the food served does not contain anything he/she might not be able to eat.


Soul Journeys Travel delivers a CATEGORY/UPDATES web page for each tour. The purpose is to provide useful information, updates, Q&A’s and to inform of any tour content changes that might occur prior departure to your destination. This page is a basic point of reference and to help you make your pre-travel plans and choices. Said information is considered correct on the date it was listed, but in many cases it is provided by third parties. Therefore, whilst providing you with such data, Soul Journeys Travel cannot guarantee said third party information, nor can it be held responsible for any changes that occur between the date of assembling the information and date of travel, whether considered out-dated, erroneous, or caused by human error. We ask that during the final 8-10 weeks prior your tour departure, you check in at least once a week to learn about any updates. The specific page link for your Tour will be provided by email as soon as it is created.


Many Airlines have strict policies on reservations and payment. Prices vary from day-to-day depending on day of travel and airlines will automatically cancel your booking if payment is not made on time. This is outside of our control. All airfares are subject to increase without notice until paid in full. You are responsible for your travel reservations ‘to’ the Tour starting destination, and ‘from’ the Tour-end location. We request you to take insurance that covers any possible schedule change; and/or make sure you purchase a transferrable ticket that allows you to apply to another destination should the need arise.

Cancellation/Amendment Fees

A deposit is required to make your booking. Due to the nature of our tours (which are not pre-packaged), we have a strict no-refund policy and are unable to offer any refund on payments received, regardless of the timing of the cancellation or however it might occur. In addition please be advised that cancelled bookings may incur further charges imposed by airlines and our suppliers.

Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend complete and comprehensive travel insurance cover for cancellations, such as civil unrest, non-travel due to professional, personal, family or other constraints, personal accident, medical and repatriation and any other event of non-travel. Neither Soul Journeys Travel, nor our tour leaders or any team members can be held responsible for any loss of any nature to any participant. We accept no responsibility for any loss caused through insufficient or lack of insurance cover. Please get your travel insurance policy from a recognized supplier. Note that many ‘free’ insurance policies do not offer expert and sufficient coverage and we do not consider these to be ‘adequate or sufficient’ insurance cover. See this insurance article to get more insight into travel insurance practices:http://alturl.com/xdew5

Refunds & Complaints

If over the course of your journey, an incident occurs which is not to your satisfaction, please take the matter up directly with the Supplier (hotel or service that we have partnered with to deliver your experience) at that time, to allow them to rectify the problem. Please also record the incident in writing for Soul Journeys Travel. Failure to do so will negate any claim you may have to any refund. If you do not receive a satisfactory result, please advise us by email within 21 days of your return home with full details of your complaint, including the record of the complaint when it was first made (and to whom). We will endeavor to assist you by contacting the Supplier and following through on your complaint with the appropriate level of pressure. However, Soul Journeys Travel cannot be held accountable or responsible for any consequent resulting from the incident.

Soul Journeys Travel does not offer a refund for any service or accommodation not used by you due to late arrival, early departure, or by choice; this includes the failure of any transportation to operate as scheduled. We also do not authorize any of our suppliers, whether local or overseas, including hotel management or other supplier services provided, to promise a refund on our behalf. Any unused car rental (when applicable) is also non-refundable.

In the case that a validated compassionate refund is approved, any funds previously paid and processed using a currency conversion rate, shall be reimbursed applying the same currency conversion rate used on the date(s) of the original transaction(s).

Client Responsibility

You should familiarize yourself with any health and visa requirements that may be applicable in the locations you will be visiting. Any Visa information posted on our USEFUL INFORMATION page may not always apply to your passport; therefore it is your responsibility to verify the visa terms of the destination country for your passport.  You are personally responsible for all entry, exit, health and other documents required by law, regulations, orders, demands or requirements of the countries being visited and/or transited. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are carrying a valid passport at all times and that you are travelling on a passport that displays a minimum of six months validity prior the expiry date. Passport, visa and vaccination requirements are not our responsibility and we are not liable for any loss or expense due to your failure to comply with the above. It remains your responsibility to ensure that these documents are in order and to meet any additional costs incurred as a result of failure to comply with such requirements. As we may be traveling through areas of political or climatic instability, high altitude and remote areas without proper medical services, you therefore accept the associated risks. Your booking constitutes your acceptance of all booking terms& conditions as described herein which forms the basis of your journey organized by Soul Journeys Travel.


For all travel, you require a valid passport and for some countries a valid visa. Many countries require your passport expiry date to be valid for 6 months beyond your stay, or even a certain number of free unstamped pages. Ensuring you have the correct passport and visa requirements is ultimately your responsibility so please ensure you contact the relevant consulate/authority prior to travel as visa, entry and passport requirements are subject to change. Please ask if you would like assistance.

Prices and Payment

The price given on any quote, brochure or invoice references the retail cost of your soul journey in the stated currency. Additional fees to cover associated banking fees, credit card transaction fees, currency conversion fees, admin & handling costs may be charged, depending on the payment option you select. All prices and quotes are subject to change without notice until paid in full. All tour costs, unless stated otherwise, shall be paid-in-full 90-days prior departure date. Soul Journeys Travel cannot be held responsible for any unavailable tour activities or transfers caused by late payment. Situations whether due to error or omission happening outside of our control can be related to, tour-inclusive travel, scheduled events, activities, and/or package prices that may change due to fuel or currency surcharges, airline surcharges or airport taxes, which may be in an overseas currency and are dependent on the exchange rate on the day we issue your ticket, etc. Should any incident(s) of this nature or similar occur, and the change creates a cost to Soul Journeys Travel in excess of 2.5% on the retail Tour cost, we shall invoice this excess to the participant. We do however; attempt to absorb this as a company if it is feasible.

Payment Options & Conditions

We offer three payment options to allow travelers to either:

(1) Pay in-full at the presentation event day as one payment (net payment of the retail price with any incurred fees – waived; occasionally a discount may be applied. (2) Pay your deposit, on a BALANCE DUE DATE invoice plus a transaction fee of $50.00 (SWIFT) and the balance paid as one lump sum at least six months prior departure date, or (3) Under the EZY PAY plan you are considered ‘registered’ upon completion and signature of the booking form issued at the event you attended. Bookings from our online page dedicated to that Tour are also registered once the proposed EZY PAY plan is issued and accepted (by return email). When your invoice is raised, the monthly installment schedule starts on the next 13th of the month following issuance of your invoice. Payments are transacted through our secure online payment system (via the ASB of New Zealand). Your credit card is debited between the 13th and 16th each month until the balance is fully paid.

Payment Options & Conditions continued:

Prices are valid at booking but if price fluctuations out of our control occur, these are passed on to you at cost price.

Corresponding to these three options:

(1) Payment-in-Full can be made on the day of the introductory presentation event, or through our online booking and payment page by credit card (we contact you to raise your invoice, then deliver it to your email address). You may also make a SWIFT transfer (details delivered upon completion of the online booking form). (2) You may select the ‘deposit now – with balance as one payment later’ option from the online booking page and your invoice will be raised for the date that the balance is due. (3) Under the EZY PAY installment plan, you may apply from the online booking page and upon acceptance to our terms, your invoice is raised outlining the monthly installment schedule with payments debited monthly through our MOTO system debiting your credit card every 12th/month until the balance is fully paid. Prices are valid at booking but if price fluctuations out of our control occur, these are passed on to you at cost price.

Amendments& Late Payments

Any amendments you wish to make to the booking details registered at the time of your Soul Journeys Travel booking may carry a fee of US$55.00 per amendment.  In addition, changes causing the re-issue of documentation at any stage, carry a further US$55.00 fee. These amendment fees may be waived if our suppliers do not charge them. Should you foresee a credit card payment problem on the EZY PAY installment  transaction date or the BALANCE DUE DATE approved, please contact us. Processed transactions that result in an incident caused by insufficient funds, bank refuses to honor, or other similar decline, carry a penalty fee of US$55.00 per incident, which is automatically added to the next monthly installment due date. However, we prefer to work WITH you and by using clear communication, you can help us help you avoid such penalties. Should you need to change your installment debit date, please inform us at least 48 hours in advance and the penalty can be waived. Late installment payments falling more than one month in arrears are subject to a 2.5% late payment fee of the full amount of the arrears due and calculated in arrears from the current monthly payment due date (12th/month). Also note that additional fees can be incurred, as some airlines and companies also charge for any changes and amendments to your booking.

Devaluation and Increases

You agree that any cost increase outside the reasonable control of Soul Journeys Travel is payable by you and can be advised at any time prior to departure date, whether booking is deposited or fully paid. All pricing is clearly identified by a currency prefix, for example, AUD / GBP / NZD / USD or other. Where exchange-rate fluctuations of more than 2.5% occur, or any price increases for services provided which are beyond our control, then Soul Journeys Travel reserves the right to adjust package prices accordingly, up to and including the day of departure, even though the balance of payment may have been made. Acceptance of this arrangement is a condition of booking.


A tourism trend is the practice of over-booking by airlines and hotels. You accept that any claim arising from overbooking may only be made against the airline or hotel concerned. Without prejudice to the foregoing, Soul Journeys Travel takes every possible action to protect your interests to avoid an over-booking or similar occurrence.


You understand that staff and/or management at Soul Journeys Travel are human, and might make or take an action resulting in an error or an oversight that affects travel arrangements. Should this occur, you agree and understand that Soul Journey Travels’ sole obligation is to amend such error or oversight by prompt correction (where possible) or to offer a refund based on the cost of service/sector affected from such action; these being the limitation of any such claim from Soul Journeys Travel.

Included and NOT included

Delivery of Accommodation and Meals are Tour-specific and information is provided in the Tour Brochure. Generally, unless otherwise specified, accommodation is provided as a twin bed room share, as a double bed room share or a single occupancy is available upon request for an additional single supplement charge. All meals delivered as part of the Tour are detailed in the Tour Brochure. Ground transportation, transfers, portage (when stated) site entrance fees are also generally included unless specified in the Tour Brochure.

Not included are airfares to/from the arrival /departure destination, other airfares (unless otherwise stated), trip cancellation and your insurance. Meals not mentioned in the Tour Brochure are to your charge, even if organized by Soul Journeys Travel to achieve group stability and timing constraints. In this case, these are generally arranged and invoiced to you prior departure.

Please allow the equivalent to an extra USD20.00 which we collect at the start of our journey for Tips and Gratuities.

Itinerary and Itinerary Changes

A detailed itinerary is delivered as soon as it is complete. Often the first release date is subject to further change as we are constantly seeking to upgrade and improve the journey. The last itinerary is finalized 40-60 days prior departure. Every effort is made to stick to the final itinerary proposed, but remember, as travelers we are flexible and able to adapt to change in certain circumstances such as weather, closures, unforeseen delays of flights or schedules, the order in which we view the sites, etc. If a minor or major change occurs to the schedule, we do our very best to replace that experience with another of equal or superior interest. When any minor or major alteration is made to the itinerary, the journey or the destination, you are updated and we do our best to introduce a change of equal wow factor and value. However, Soul Journeys Travel may not be held responsible for any change outside of its control, nor for any repercussions that might be caused to you.

Other Changes

Soul Journeys Travel may revise the T&C from time to time and the most current version will always be posted on our website. If a revision, in our sole discretion, is material we will notify you. Changes may also be posted in the USEFUL INFORMATION page of the Tour, so please check it regularly. By way of your booking or as a traveller taking a soul journey with Soul Journeys Travel, after those revisions become effective, you agree to be bound by the revised Terms.

Responsibility Clause

Soul Journeys Travel are Tour Planners, or as we call ourselves: Soul Journey Architects. We call upon our preferred suppliers to deliver our transportation, sightseeing arrangements, hotel accommodation and other services to deliver the itinerary we have planned for you. Our Suppliers are independent contractors, not agents or employees of Soul Journeys Travel. All coupons, receipts and tickets issued are subject to the terms and conditions specified by our Suppliers. By utilizing the service of these Suppliers, you agree that Soul Journeys Travel is not liable for any change in schedule, strikes, delay, acts of governments, fires, riots, theft, pilferage, epidemics, quarantine, medical or customs regulations, accident, loss, injury, or damage to you or to those traveling with you in connection with any service provided, whether resulting directly or indirectly, from any occurrence or condition beyond its control, including accommodation, transportation, defects in vehicles, breakdown in equipment, thefts, delay or cancellation of or changes in itinerary, for any act, omission, or event during the time you are aboard an aircraft. Nor can Soul Journeys Travel be held responsible for the late arrival of passengers at airports or at meeting points due to foul weather. Soul Journeys Travel cannot be held liable for payment of or for any refund associated to unused hotel accommodations, meals, travel or other provided services of the itinerary, occasioned by your late arrival or non-arrival.

Visual Material (usage & permissions)

During the course of your soul journey(s), visual material is produced such as phone & camera photos and/or videos. As a soul journey participant, you agree to grant to Soul Journeys Travel the right to use any visual material of you and to authorize Soul Journeys Travel, its assigns and transferees to copyright, use and publish it. Said visual material may be used at a local, national, international level, in print and/or electronically, and/or for any lawful purpose, including for example such purposes as participant sharing, company records, promotional material, publications, publicity, illustration, advertising, website & webpage content, social media websites and other usage not mentioned. You also agree that visual material taken by other participant (in which you may appear) these may be treated by Soul Journeys Travel, in the same way and/or for the same usage as above. As participants on a soul journey you may also partake in activities that involve your visual material (whether you appear in it or not) and whereby Soul Journeys Travel is authorised to access and use said visuals as if it was its own. Soul Journeys Travel cannot be held responsible for any visual material taken by and/or used by other participants on your soul journey outside of the terms above. You are therefore required to communicate directly with your fellow soul journey participants to express what they can or cannot do with photos of you. In using visual material of you or by you, please advise Soul Journeys Travel in writing if you do NOT want any tagging or name recognition attached to the image, and failure to do so authorises us to reference you by name (whether in a photo description, photo credits, FB tagging or other method of identification).

Bad Behavior

Soul Journeys Travel and Suppliers contracted for delivery of services reserve the right to refuse to accept or retain any person whose behavior is deemed likely to affect the smooth operations or adversely affect the enjoyment or safety of other participants on their soul journey. Soul Journeys Travel, its agents, and suppliers shall be under no liability to any such person for refund, compensation, repatriation or any other matters arising. Soul Journeys Travel is not responsible for circumstances beyond its control such as trip cancellations resulting from the inability for travel due to missing departures as scheduled, and/or cancellations due to acts of war and/or terrorism, political conflict, God, or mother nature.

Expression of Interest