Dreamcatchers Movie DVD/CD Set

Mike Handcock and Dave Rogers take us on a journey into human development. From the 9 aspects of the Magi – the first people – to ‘The Law of Learning’ Dreamcatchers tracks the story of 9 ordinary individuals who are now creating extraordinary lives.

Filmed in Egypt, India, Greece, Cambodia and other exotic locations you will discover ancient messages that have been buried in everything from the Pyramid texts to under the ice of Antarctica that are brought to life on screen in hope of transforming the human race to its true potential – before it’s too late.

You will not have realised until now that most of what you learnt about history is different than what it seems. Da Vinci knew it, as did Newton – now… so will you.

his incredible film has been seen in around 40 cities globally. It has produced joy, tears, profound life changes for viewers. Prepare to be spellbound as many have said this is the film that changed their lives.

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