About Us

Rock Your Life is a composite group of companies that operates across the globe. Comprising events, training, media, publishing and soul journeys Rock Your Life produce transformational information for entrepreneurs and intrepreneurs on Business, Health, Wealth and Wisdom.

We work with many of the world’s leading cutting edge experts in their fields (Global SAGE’s) and deliver this information through live and virtual events, our videos, audio, radio, books and publications as well as our amazing 7 – 14 day soul journeys. We absolutely love what we do and are committed to assisting everyone ‘play a bigger game’ in their life.


Why Rock Your Life Exists

Over 99% of people born on this planet die without ever reaching their true potential or even anywhere close. We want you to reach out and become that person you believed you could be when you looked in the mirror at 7 years old. We want every human, regardless of race, colour, religious beliefs or wealth to become the greatest human being they can be, to create everything they want in their life and to contribute back to the planet in a way that creates an exceptional legacy for those who come after.


What Rock Your Life Does

Rock Your Life creates transformational situations to facilitate people stepping into their greatness and maintaining themselves in a new state of abundance, prosperity, health and business success.

As a Rock Your Life community member (not customer or participant) you can expect to gain access to incredible global wisdom in the full 360 degrees of the human experience (Health, Wealth Creation, Spirituality and Business) from leading experts from all around the world. You can access this information in many formats, depending on your desire, budget and requirements. We provide this information via events, soul journeys, multi media, books, DVD’s, feature films, workshops and virtual media such as webinars, plus unique methods such as the Rock Your Life USB.


Who is Involved with Rock Your Life

Our aim is to create the NUMBER ONE team of transformational leaders on this planet. We call them SAGE’s which is in-line with our commitment of raising $5,000,000 for the SAGE Foundation (which assists the under-privileged to gain education and a employment) Not only do we have a red hot Global Sage Council that are absolutely the top of their game worldwide, but in every region we have experts in genres or niches that are their specialty.


If you want information about how Rock Your Life can help you or your business, or believe you have the type of skills that Rock Your Life needs, then email info@rockyourlife.net now.


How Does Rock Your Life Provide Transformational Information

Rock Your Life has created ‘the Rock Your Life mode’. This simple but empowering technology is used in everything we do.

  • Why do you want to do this?
  • What do you want to do?
  • Who do you know who holds what you need to do it?
  • When are you going to take certain steps?
  • How are you going to do the various aspects?

By utilizing this technology we are embracing the power of ‘why’ as the core reason to do anything: financial, business, personal or spiritual. This is markedly different from the ‘how’ taught by institutions. We may know the ‘how’ but never achieve anything because there is not a big enough why.

Every event, tour, book, DVD etc produced by Rock Your Life is consistent to this formula. This formula couples with other formulas used and developed by Rock Your Life based on very ancient wisdom.

Business: The Scale of Success™

Wealth Creation: The 12 Tones of Wealth™

Spirituality: The Law of Learning™

More can be found out about these and other key formulas we use at our events and in our materials.