Rock Your Life Publishing is a boutique publisher of personal development and transformational books in four categories: business, health, wealth creation and spirituality. Our publishing professionals — with decades of collective experience in book editing, design, production and marketing — produce lasting, quality books that will enhance your website, satisfy your clients and stand out in retail stores.

Rock Your Life Publishing is uniqueWriting and publishing a book can be a stressful process if you are not educated and aligned with the publishing process.Rock Your Life Publishing provides seasoned professionals with decades of experience in international book publishing, with templates and expertise from leading authors to ensure your project is brought to life in a satisfying, seamless and enjoyable fashion. Generally there are two options to releasing your book: Via a publisher – Publishers control and pay for the publishing process. Your profits are generally less that 10% of the retail price of the book, and most titles do not get extensive promotion. Some publishers even ask for a marketing plan from you as part of your pitch to them. Most authors experience many rejections and end up with a relatively unsatisfying experience, unless you have the next greatest thing.   Via self publishing – This is where it’s up to you to find the artists, copy editors, proofreaders and printers. You control the process, you pay all the bills and you gain all the reward. This is a very steep learning curve and very few people get it right. Over 90% of these books remain unsold and frankly look self published.   The solution — Rock Your Life Publishing   Rock Your Life Publishing has been formed to bring you the best of both worlds — a high-quality product that looks independently published, but where you retain ownership and receive self-published levels of sales income. In fact, with our economies of scale, we deliver you a book that stands proudly on the shelf next to the best-sellers, but also maximises the return on your investment.   Rock Your Life Publishing gives you options and ownership. Choosing to suit your needs and budget from our range of tips, training and templates, even a first-time author can produce a high-quality product easily.   Rock Your Life Publishing publishes four genres: Health and Wellbeing, Wealth, Business, and Spirituality. Your book will be promoted as one of these four categories in the Rock Your Life catalogue   Rock Your Life Publishing has distribution in North America, Asia and Europe.   Our authors are part of a stable of transformational leaders being built by Rock Your Life to create positive change and inspiration in the world.